My Experience Using a Stop Snoring Mouth Guard

I would probably still be ignorant of my condition if it wasn’t for my girlfriend. After a few months of dating we decided to move in together. After the first night she said she had slept bad because I was snoring! Imagine my big surprise since I didn’t even know I had such a problem! It was immediately decided that I needed some help because it would be selfish of me to keep my girlfriend awake at nights.

We started our research from people we knew who had the same issue and receive some information and feedback on the internet. Turned out there are many people dealing with snoring and many available treatments as well. I definitely didn‘t want to do any surgery on my nose or any other type of physical invasion to my body and I was sure that my condition is not that bad to require such serious treatment. I also didn’t want to use an anti-snoring pillow because it will not let me more and roll comfortably as I wished too. Also it was embarrassing for me to sleep this way with my new girlfriend. So as you can see I came up very seriously because a modern market offers you lots of different treatment that should be chosen with consideration of individual wants and needs.  In the end it was decided to try using a mouth guard. Since snoring is more widespread with men, this device was specifically designed to fit man’s jaw. I checked with my dentist beforehand and he confirmed that it will be safe and comfortable for me.

Next step I bought a mouth guard and my dentist helped me to fit it in. Actually you can do it yourself as I did further on, it turned out to be very easy. First feelings were very unusual. It is like having eye lenses for the first time. The device held very stiff in my mouth.

Frankly speaking, after the first night of using mouth guard I had controversial feelings. I could not say for sure whether I liked it or not. It fit right in my mouth and was at the place it needed to be. But the uncomfortable feeling didn’t leave me for some time. I knew that it was the way it is supposed to be so I soon bared with it. Moreover, it was worth it and my little suffering was rewarded in the morning. My girlfriend said that she felt thirsty at night and woke up a couple times to get some water from the kitchen. And both times that she did she didn’t hear anything from me! I was happy to know that, it was really a good sign. To make sure it was not a coincidence, I continued sleeping using mouth guard further on. This time I asked my girlfriend to wake up on purpose and check on me creating any noises. The following morning and the morning after my sweetheart reported that I was sleeping like a baby, calm and silent.

Mouth guard made my life easier and happier, and it can do the same for you.

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